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About Us

Who We Are?

Launched in 1997, 711 Pest Control Brisbane has been seriously helping people in Brisbane to maintain a pest-free environment where they live or work. We are always here to solve your pest issues. We have been trustworthy in the Brisbane pest control industry for more than 25 years for offering protective and effective pest control solutions. We are valued by our customers for the great services and friendly staff on the call and in person.

What Do We Do?

We constantly work towards providing a range of services to meet all of your pest control requirements in Brisbane. From inspections and treatments to prevention tips and safety guides, everything is done by trained and licensed professionals. We aim to offer pest control treatments to all the reachable areas of your property.

What Specifies Us In This Industry

Our Regional Understanding

You will find us knowledgeable and energetic. We have been in this industry for years which has added many things to our experience. We have been serving people in Brisbane and its suburbs for 25+ years so we know the suitable solutions for killing pests in these local areas.

Services Are Based On Your Problem

Our customers trust us for the licensed, accredited, and insured work. Our pest control experts are well-skilled in performing their job and answering pest control queries. We never take shortcuts and will use only authorized pest treatments. 

Services Worth Your Money

We are a renowned name in the pest control industry for offering the best service in Brisbane And its nearby areas at affordable prices. Our cost-effective services have helped thousands of customers in fighting against heavy pest infestations. 

Natural and Organic Solutions

711 Pest Control started this service for the safety of the people. So we not only want to kill pests but also keep you safe by using natural and organic solutions. Wherever possible, we try to finish our work with natural and organic solutions. 

Our Determination and Your Satisfaction

We have realized that we are made for it. We keep our attitude highly professional with our appearance and leave you only when you say that your pest problem has been solved. Our company has a record of satisfying all customers.

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