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Prevention Tips For Ant Control      

  • Food and liquid spills should be cleaned up right away. 
  • Remove any food particle from the slab.
  • All all the etables in airtight containers. 
  • Seal all gaps around house doors and walls frames to prevent ants from entering. 
  • In the garden maintain your compost and ensure all garbage bins have properly shut lids. 
  • You do not know where ants have been wandering before they march over your meal, so cover everything. 
  • If you have a pet, throw away any food that is not consumed immediately.

Get rid of ants quickly using our reliable ant control services in Brisbane 

Ants are very tiny and harmless looking pests. But, they are equally damaging as other pests. They are known to cause significant property damage. And also causes health risks for people around. Firstly, ants create nests in the walls and cavities. This makes the building structure weak. Secondly, some ants even bite. They can be very painful. Moreover, this causes allergies as well. Ants are known to soil the food and scavenge it. Also, some ants nest in appliances. Hence, damaging the wires and other components. Therefore, treat any ant infestations on time using our services. 

711 Pest Control Brisbane is one of the most trusted ant treatments in Brisbane. Our ant control Brisbane team has years of experience when it comes to ant pests. Our Brisbane ant control service team has effective ant management solutions. So, if you are you tired of dealing with ant pests on your own? We can deal with any type of ant infestation in Brisbane. Contact us today on 07 3062 8254 for more details.

We provide the most effective ant controls Brisbane treatments for many ant pest problems

  • Blackhouse ants control – This is a very common type of ant found in homes. They usually reside in kitchens and garbage areas. Importantly, they are attracted to sweet products. Hence, protect your food items from these ants. Call our professionals today to deal with black house ants instantly. 
  • Greenhead ants – Firstly, garden areas are the main spot for these ants. Greenhead ants bites can be very painful. This is the main reason to avoid this type of ants. Hence, our team has the best ant extermination methods for you. 
  • Carpenter ant control – This type of ant is usually found in dark and damp areas. They nest in such places for fast breeding. Importantly, these ants are responsible for structural damage. Hence, this can cause expensive costs for damage repair. Our team of professionals can deal with carpenter ants quickly.
  • Coastal brown ants control- These ants are known to make pathways in soils. Different types of foods are their main attraction. For example, sweets, greasy food items and meat. Hence, it’s time to treat ant infestations on time.

Avail Permanent and Effective Ant Pest Solutions Using Safe Methods

  • Inspection – We have a tailored ant inspection plan. Firstly, our ant inspectors will identify all ant spots. We will also detect the type of ant infestation at your property. Our goal is to look for ant nests, any colonies and pheromone trails. We will identify the factors causing this ant infestation. 
  • Tailored treatment plan – Secondly, we will come up with the most effective treatment plan for you. It will include all instructions and details about the treatment methods.
  • The process of extermination – Now comes the time of execution of the plan. Our ant pest control Brisbane specialists will use various methods. We include any fumigation method, bait systems, insecticidal dust, ant repellents and granules. Our focus is to choose an eco-friendly treatment option. Also, they are safe for kids, adults and pets. 
  • Post-inspection treatment – Our goal is to provide a full effective ant control Brisbane treatment. Hence, after the house is ant pest free. We will guide our customers with effective prevention measures. This will ensure a long-term effect for ant infestations. 

Why choose our ant control services in Brisbane?

  • Firstly, our company has years of ant pest control Brisbane experience. We have developed the best ways to deal with ants. 
  • Secondly, our company has well-executed treatment options. We have a team of ant control Brisbane experts. Hence, they can deal with any severity of ant infestations. 
  • We use a wide range of safe ant pest treatment options. 
  • Moreover, our ant control services are very reasonable in Brisbane. Hence, no more worrying about expensive pest control. 
  • Also, we have customised treatment plans for you. This will give you the desired results for ant problems. 
  • Lastly, our team has experienced professionals only. We have licensed and certified professionals. Hence, we can be trusted for ant pest control Brisbane services. 

We provide any pest treatments or ant pest control in all areas of Brisbane 

Are you looking for safe pest treatment plans in Brisbane? We also serve Brisbane’s nearest area:- ReesvilleParklandsPalmwoodsParadiseMons, and many more areas. Our team will provide you with the best pest solutions. Firstly, our speciality is we serve in all areas of locations in Brisbane. Hence, you can contact us to know about your location.

  • We provide in health care centres.
  • Our team is available in all residential areas and private homes.
  • We also serve in markets, malls and shops.
  • Our company will take care of ants in industrial areas as well. For example, factories, manufacturing industries and others.
  • We also are available in schools, colleges and other educational institutions.
  • Lastly, we serve in food centres like restaurants and cafes as well.

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