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Pest Treatment Brisbane

711 Pest Treatment Services – Safe and Effective Solutions for Pest-Free Property

Spider & Ant Removal

Ants and spiders are two common pesky pests found in households that require immediate removal treatment, or else the infestation size could increase to a great extent. With eco-safe, customised treatment, including baits and traps, less-toxic insecticides, etc., our pest control agents exterminate the annoying pests and prevent further infestation possibilities. Our pest treatment professionals treat all the areas of your premises, including fences, subfloor, roof void, garden, window frames, eaves, etc.

Pest Treatment Brisbane

Rodents, Rats, and Mice Control

We provide fine-tuned mice, rats, and rodent control treatment for both industrial and residential purposes. Depending on the infestation type, rodent species, and size, we decide whether to use rodenticides, traps, or advanced fumigation to get rid of the disease-spreading pests. We devise our pest control treatment in such a way that the rodents, rats, or mice will die outside your premises. Apart from removing the pest, we also help in removing the carcass of the dead pest. 

Wasps and Bees Removal

Both bees and wasps are important for pollination, which is why the state law suggests using safe removal techniques to relocate them without killing them. At 711 Pest Control, we collaborate with the beekeepers and relocate the bees and wasps safely from your premises along with their nests. Also, to avert the infestation possibilities in the near future, we even seal all their possible entrances.

Silverfish, Carpet Beetle, Fleas, The Bed Bug, Moths And Fly Removal

Our pest control experts employ gentle and low-toxicity chemical solutions to eradicate carpet beetles, silverfish, bed bugs, flies, and fleas. We apply these solutions via spray to infested areas, such as mattresses, carpets, clothing, and kitchens. In addition, we meticulously treat challenging-to-reach spaces, including attics and subfloors. Our approach involves either misting or opting for the fumigation technique, depending on the severity of the infestation.

During the treatment process, it may be necessary for you to temporarily vacate the premises for a few hours. This precaution ensures your safety and the effectiveness of the pest eradication procedure.

Cockroach Control

No matter what roach species have infested your home, we are here to exterminate all! Employing effective and eco-safe roach insecticides, repellent sprays, and setting up baits and traps, we remove all roach species right away.

Possum Removal

Possums are an important part of Australian culture. So, following the state law, we do not harm them. Our possum catchers release them safely out of your home or just install a possum box outside your premises and let them