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How Much Would An Exterminator Cost For Bed Bugs?

If you have noticed bed bug infestation then do not ignore it the very first time as your ignorance will create a blunder after some time. Immediately contact a bed bug exterminator. But are you worried about the prices? How Much Does An Exterminator Cost For Bed Bugs? We have come up with details and answers to this question. In general, the cost for a bed bug extermination varies from $200 to $2500. Some people may have to pay from $3000 to $5000 as it may vary according to various factors which are described below.

Exterminator Cost For Bed Bugs

Factors Affecting Cost For Removal Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are declared a big problem and it becomes a nightmare for almost all people who are suffering from bed bug infestation. So, be alert and hire a good professional if you suffer from this and if you think about cost then it depends upon various factors which are as follows:

  • Method of extermination: There are different charges for different types of methods used for extermination like removal with the help of steam costs more than any other non-chemical method.
  • The severity of infestation: Some infestations are so severe that they require more time and resources and hence their cost is also more and vice versa.
  • Location: Various factors which include supply prices, local labour rates, etc. also vary your cost of bed bug treatment.
  • Labour & materials: Different types of materials used for removal and the cost of labour may vary from company to company and thus affecting the final cost.
  • A number of visits required: More the number of visits of a company team, the more the cost charged.
  • Size of infested space: The area or size of the infested place is directly proportional to the cost charged that is for a more infested area, professionals charge more.
  • Furniture: Some professionals charge extra for every piece of furniture which is infested and so it should be clear in advance about the total cost.

Bed Bug Treatment Cost According To Per Room

It is a simple rule that if you have a big house then it has more rooms and more area is infested and so the cost of treatment is more like if your house has 3-4 bedrooms then its cost is more than a home with 2-3 bedrooms and an apartment with 1 bedroom. In general, the average cost charge for the removal of bed bugs per room is $200-$400 and the average cost per square foot is $4 to $ 7.50, but it always varies.

Bed Bug Control Cost According To The Treatment Method

The method of treatment has very much impact on the cost and the local pest control company will give you an estimate for the cost which is based on different types of methods used for removal of bed bugs and making you get rid of them. The cost varies according to different treatment methods which are explained below:

  1. Fumigation: If there is a heavy bed bug infestation within your home then the best option is fumigation and it charges the highest cost.
  1. Chemicals & Pesticides: The use of chemicals and pesticides are very easy but it is not safe and that is why they are cost-effective because you may suffer from some things like it may affect your family, kids and pets or you will not get 100% treatment or repeated sessions are required. 
  1. Use of steam: In this method, high temperature is applied to kill bed bugs. The steam application provides a targeted attack on bed bugs by penetrating deep into the infested place. It is an effective method of treatment and so the cost may be in the middle range.
  1. Thermal Method: It is the most affordable method which inhibits the survival of eggs and stops their growth and reproduction and also prevents their return. No use of chemicals.
  1. Sniffing dogs: When you hire a professional then they use their trained dogs for catching the smell of bed bugs which have a musty odour and berry-like sweetness. They are very helpful but you have to pay for experts as well as dogs both and hence, it is a costlier method.
  1. Freezing: This method is used for areas with a very less amount of infestation and its cost is more than steam as it requires proper maintenance of temperature and more observation by the experts.

Thus, the cost of treatment changes as the method of treatment varies.

Cost Of Extermination Of Bed Bugs According To The Frequency Of Visit

These bed bugs are unwanted guests and when they attack your property in a very large amount which is uncontrollable then they can not be completely removed in one visit and so the frequency of visits varies according to the severity of the infestation and the frequency of visit is directly proportional to the cost as more the number of visits like monthly, quarterly and annually,  more is the cost. Thus, recognise them early and save your money.

Other Additional Factors

  • Inspections

Some pest control companies may provide inspections free of cost while some charge for it. So, the normal inspection cost is between $50 to $200 while charges are more for in-depth inspection.

  • Emergency services

Generally, some companies provide appointments which may be after 1 or 2 days of your booking but emergency services are provided as and when required and called by customers and so it is obvious that their cost is more as compared to normal services. 

Hence all these factors affect bed bug extermination costs so choose pest exterminators wisely and as per your requirement and convenience.

Get Bed Bug Treatment From 711 Pest Control At Lower Costs

DIY methods like fogger bombs, use of a steamer and fumigation may cost less but has a high amount of risk involved in it and life is more important than money. Hence, calling a professional bed bug extermination service is a wiser move. Therefore, get ready to book us today.

How Much Does Bed Bug Extermination Cost