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Pest Control Ashgrove

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Say goodbye to pests in your property with the assistance of our pest control services right today as we are knowledgeable about the technology. We have a pest control Ashgrove team that successfully exterminates pests that have been residing in your place for many years now. In fact, after having years of experience, we have gained additional skills which we already have. 

Pest Control Ashgrove

Situated in Ashgrove and operating from there, we know which kind of properties attract what type of pests into their homes and businesses. And hence we act accordingly to provide professional pest control services with effective results. Coming to residential pest control services, our offers cover all pest control and removal treatments. This includes pests like spiders, bees, termites, ants, cockroaches and more. Thus, contact 07 3062 8254

Make Your Ashgrove Property Pest-Free With Our Help 

Look for our pest control Ashgrove team to make your indoors and outdoors a pest-free property. 

  • Inspection Of The Area- For every professional pest control, an inspection of the area is mandatory and we do follow this. We inspect certain detectors such as thermal camera detectors, imaging cameras, etc.  
  • Fumigation Or Fogging- Fogging is the easiest way of completing pest control on a large scale in the shortest peri. And if you do not have an idea about what is involved in fogging, then it is gas exterminators that are used. 
  • Pesticides Spray- If there comes the necessity of pesticides praying during the plan of pest control treatment, we execute it. And when we do pesticide spraying, we make it a point to ourselves to always do post-inspection as well. 
  • Heat Treatment- An eco-friendly pest control treatment you can request from us is heat treatment. It is a removal treatment that is pesticide-free and heat is used between 50 and 60°C. 
  • Use Of Baits And Repellents- Most pest control and removal needs the use of baits and repellents pending upon the infestation level. If we bait for pests, we either use solid, liquid or gel bait forms. 
  • Dead Pest Removal- Oftentimes, we get bookings for dead pest removal services as well and most of which are for dead possums. So, if your property has dead possums or any other pests, let our team take the removal into our hands. 
  • Possum Box Installation- When installing a possum box outdoors, we make sure it is 4 m high above the ground to a tree. These nest boxes attract possums and discourage them to not enter indoors of your property. 
  • Pest Prevention Tips- 
    • Eliminate food sources
    • Declutter your store rooms
    • Clean your workstations regularly
    • Repair damaged pipes
    • Block pest entry points, etc. 

We Control & Remove Pests Indoors As Well As Outdoors 

We have the best non-toxic pest control services to offer for a wide range of pest types like the following ones: 

Cockroach Control  

Are you afraid that cockroaches and their nymphs in your kitchen contaminate your food and drinks? We understand you. Get in touch with us right this minute to avail cockroach non-toxic pest control treatment to the kitchen from cupboards to shelves and under sinks. 

Possum Removal    

Your Ashgrove properties aren’t protected from possum invasions and threats but possums are legally protected by NPW Act. Thus, it is better if you act quickly and take our assistance for commercial and residential possum pest control Ashgrove service. 

Moth Control  

There are a wide of moth types that invade residential properties in Ashgrove like cabbage moths, carpet moths, pantry and cloth moths. So, do not take moth control treatment on your own and leave it to our professionals who have skills in moth pest control services. 

Flea Control  

Does your cat keep scratching and licking its body despite you bathing it just today? Then the reason for it might be the presence of cat fleas on their body. Hence, do not waste your time repeatedly bathing your cat and instead opt for our flea pet-friendly and eco-friendly pest control service. 

Bed Bug Control   

The reason why the invasion of bed bugs in your mattress starts is because of the sweat, shedding of skin, kid’s urine and other bodily oils. Thus, we want to remind you that bed bug residential pest control service is better today and now than tomorrow. Ping us immediately! 

Ant Control  

Once ants start forming their colonies, it is a bit hard to tackle ants and colonies all on your own if you do not have experience in how to deal. However, with professional pest control experts here in Ashgrove, the ant control service will be removed safely, skilfully and successfully. 

Spider Control  

If you do not want to take chance with poisonous spiders or do not want to come in contact with non-poisonous spiders too, then book our services. Our bookings for spider pest control services are open throughout the day in a week, month and year, from dawn till dusk as we have flexible working hours. 

Rodent Control  

Do you want to know the pest inspection cost for rodent control services at your Ashgrove commercial property? Enquire with us today. We take individual inspection costs for modern control only when we find no rod and set your property. However, recharge pest control costs if we find rodents after the inspection. 

Flies Control  

Some horse flies, cluster flies, house flies sand flies, fruit flies and drain flies, we are skilled in getting rid of these unhygienic pests. Despite flies’ tiny bodies, we’ll skillfully do fly control service with a professional eradication procedure. 

Bee And Wasp Removal  

Are DIY tips and tricks not working to remove base and wasps from the tree in your backyard? Why worry when you can count on our emergency pest control team? Take our assistance. We provide bee and wasp emergency pest control services at affordable prices for every client in Ashgrove. 

A Variety Of Pest Control Ashgrove Services Are Offered By Us

Our pest control Ashgrove services involve direct control, removal and treatment for pests and their infestations. And those services are here. 

Emergency and Same-Day Pest Control 

There is no way you are going to let the possums stay in your attic even for a single day, right? Then your decision right now should be to get in touch with our same-day and emergency pest control team. We are just a call away, be it for the same day or emergency service. 

End Of Lease Pest Control 

Are you leaving your Ashgrove rental property and need immediate end-of-lease pest control services for bees and possums? Count on our experts. For an end-of-lease control service, action is in such a way that professional eradication will be done with a stop to transmitting diseases. 

Large Area Pest Infestation Treatment 

Most of the pests such as ants, silverfish, spiders, wood borers, flies, cockroaches and bed bugs are the reason for large area pest infestations. Therefore, we as a pest control Ashgrove team customise unique treatments for every pest that create large area infestations. 

Eco-Friendly Pest Treatment 

If you find that your family at home is facing major health issues just because of nuisance-creating pests, then it is time for our eco-friendly pest treatment. With our eco-friendly pest control treatment, not just your family but your properties’ indoors and outdoors are in safe hands. 

Availability Of Specialised Team For Possum Removal & Relocation

  1. Possum Inspection- As soon as we reach your home, our specialised possum pest control Ashgrove does an inspection. This inspection gives a clear idea of testing frustration levels and the right removal program to be implemented. 
  2. Catching & Relocating- Next step in possum catching and relocating is to execute non-chemical methods. Like, as one-way doors, electronic repellents, use of possum attractants and others. 
  3. Possum Box Installation- To prevent future possum entry into your indoors, we install possum nest boxes. So, once possum enters your outdoors and sees these boxes, they instead enter these boxes and not indoors. 

Why Choose Us For Professional Pest Control Services In Ashgrove?

The reasons that prove our company is a no.1 operator in Ashgrove are as follows: 

  • Unparalleled Knowledge: You have to take into account that only experts with unparalleled knowledge execute pest control treatment. Be it just inspections or from inspection until control treatment, we do everything. 
  • Dispatch Local Experts: We dispatch the best local pest control experts that do better pest treatments to your place. Also, we have the advantage that we reach your place in time as we have an idea of which lane leads to our client’s place. 
  • Affordable Services: Despite covering all eco-friendly pest control services in Ashgrove, we charge you affordably. Moreover, you can also count on us not to charge hidden charges like travelling expenses. 
  • Bookings 24/7 Hours: As we value the time of our clients, our bookings are open and available 24/7 hours a month. As a result, you can come to us and make appointments if you are a homeowner or a business owner. 
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection: There is also a benefit like pre-purchase inspection you can avail from us if you find sounds of pests coming from your property. We have specialised thermal detection cameras to do pre-purchase inspection service. 

Eco-Friendly Pest Treatments Keep Your Health Safe 

Our pest control Ashgrove team has years of experience in the industry. Consequently, we are trained and can tackle any severity level of pest infestation with ease. We show you the best outcomes because of the eco-friendly pest control treatment we give your Ashgrove property. Because the products we use are safe for your family, kids and pets. Moreover, our eco-friendly pest control products can be used in different forms such as pesticide spray, fumigation, etc. So, if you take our assistance for professional pest control services at your Ashgrove property, your health is in safe hands. Ping us today! 

Also, We Serve Other Regions Of Ashgrove

Valuable and effective pest control services are available for other regions of Ashgrove as well, at comprehensive prices. The suburbs like Bardon, Red Hill, Enoggera, Alderley, Newmarket and The Gap that surround Ashgrove can also avail our services. We dispatch local pest control teams for any region in Ashgrove and its suburbs to make sure our clients are getting timely fashion service. We are also a notable company that is people’s favourite for professional pest control services in Ashgrove. Contact us today by availing help from our most sought-after pest control Ashgrove team! 


Are your pest controllers licensed? 

Yes, our pest controllers are licensed in addition to being certified. 

Can I expect timely manner pest control services for Ashgrove? 

Yes, you can expect it. Because we have local pest control experts for every region in Ashgrove and its nearby. 

How long will the pest control treatment take for an apartment to complete? 

For an apartment, it takes around 100 minutes for pest control treatment to complete. 

What precautions do I take if I find a beehive in my garden?

The precautions you need to follow on finding a beehive in your garden are to avoid wearing strong perfumes and bright-coloured clothes. In addition to this, avoid wearing floral pattern dresses too. 

Do you provide commercial pest control quotes? 

Yes, we provide obligation-free commercial quotes as well as residential pest control quotes. So, contact us today and avail them!