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711 Pest Control offers commercial and residential pest management services for every region in Strathpine and its surroundings. In fact, with our pest control Strathpine team by your side, you get superior-level services at as low prices as possible. With the use of advanced technology and equipment like thermal imaging cameras, we make everything easier; from inspection to ongoing prevention. 

If you have timber property, make sure you are availing of our pre-purchase inspection and non-toxic pest control services. Moreover, if your Strathpine home shows signs of moths, possums, rodents, fleas, wasps and fly infestations, book us immediately. Also, you can speak to our pest controllers by calling 07 3062 8254 and enquiring about any of our services. We have experience in handling all of your pest problems with ease. 

With Us By Your Side, You Can Make Your Place Pest-Free

Here is how you can make your property a pest-free one if you have our pest control Strathpine team by your side. 

  • Inspection Of The Area- Inspection of the area is the first work we take up after reaching your Strathpine property for pest control services. It acts as an essential step in determining the pest control treatment to be executed. 
  • Fumigation Or Fogging- Even if you have a textile business with a heavy pest infestation, then we get the complete area. Fumigation is also an effective method for manufacturing and agricultural industries. 
  • Pesticides Spray- Pesticides will also be done for pests like cockroaches, flies, moths, etc, as they fly. With spraying as a method, we can treat even the most hidden nooks, cracks and nooks. 
  • Heat Treatment- This is the best treatment for cockroaches and bed bugs if you are looking for one. Heat treatment eliminates pests and their infestations without damaging your place. 
  • Use Of Baits And Repellents- Many pests can be removed easily if a professional use baits and repellents. We bait pests by poisoning food a particular pest usually consumes. Also, we frequently set up repellants. 
  • Dead Pest Removal- Dead pest removal work is not an easy task if you do it all on your own with zero skills and knowledge. However, this is completely the opposite thing when you let our pest control Strathpine teamwork for this service. 
  • Possum Box Installation- When installing a possum box, we make the post towards the trunk and open it towards the sunlight in the southeast. Moreover, we install the possum nest box in such a way that it is 3.6 m to 4 m from above the ground. 
  • Pest Prevention Tips-
    • Seal food in containers
    • Regularly trim the shrubs 
    • Patch cracks and holes
    • Sanitise soft surfaces, whenever possible
    • Watch trash cans, etc. 

A Wide Range Of Residential And Commercial Control Services

Are you confused about how to choose a professional pest control company as each of them are offering different services? No worries. Contact us as we provide different control and removal services at one point. 

Cockroach Control  

When it comes to cockroach control, we offer a wide range of cockroach pest control services and satisfy our clients in all possible ways. So, do not waste a minute more in implementing DIY tricks or hacks and instead hire our skilled professionals. 

Possum Removal    

Our bookings for possum removal services are always round-the-clock and hence you can be hesitant-free to contact us day and night. We also make sure to leave the possums we catch or trap in the habitable area that is at least 50m away from your place.  

Moth Control  

Are moths in your wardrobe making holes in your expensive clothes? Do you not want to see any more damage in pulses, cereals and grains? Contact us immediately. Just schedule us any day of the week with our pest control Strathpine team. We would be happy to assist you with moth control service.

Flea Control  

Are you fed up with fleas feeding on your blood? Do not let them do it. Quickly get in touch with our flea controllers and make yourself free from flea attacks and threats by involving us in providing the customised flea control service. 

Bed Bug Control   

Bed bugs became a rising problem in Strathpine because of the climatic conditions and the easy availability of food and shelter sources to pests. Thus, get rid of these unwanted guests and latch pests from your property and body with our safe bed bug control service. 

Ant Control  

Do you want to get rid of fire ants as soon as possible from your Strathpine private home? Think of it as done, we can do that with our ant control services. We are also capable of providing localised ant pest control treatment for residential as well as commercial premises in Strathpine. 

Spider Control  

Whether the spider invasion happened in your home might be a native species or a foreign, but this doesn’t matter to us. Only providing the right and tailor-made spider control service at the right time matters to us as these conditions give the best results. 

Rodent Control  

Rodents are very dangerous to humankind and their pets as their pests not just contaminate food but also spread deadly illnesses. So, while doing rodent control service, we follow a stepwise process where the area of inspection plays a crucial role. 

Flies Control  

We offer the best flies control service in the pest control Strathpine industry and that too at the value of money. Rest assured that all our fly exterminators are well-experienced in various ventures and are professionally trained. 

Bee And Wasp Removal

Our bee and wasp removal services are all assured in offering customer protection as well if an individual is staying in the site of residential pest control service. And the service name for this is bee and wasp removal service.  

We Have Experience In Providing Different Pest Control Strathpine Services

With many years of experience in the pest control Strathpine industry, we offer the most effective services by implementing up-to-date processes. And all these accounts to the following services. 

Emergency and Same-Day Pest Control 

For a commercial place like a restaurant, maintaining the area pest-free is very important. Hence, here comes the necessity of emergency pest control service and same-day pest control service. 

End Of Lease Pest Control 

We do end-of-lease professional pest control services for alive as well as dead pests as both are capable of spreading deadly diseases. However, the strategies we have for each of these end-of-lease pest control services are different from each other. Enquire with us for more details! 

Large Area Pest Infestation Treatment 

As we believe prevention is better than pest control services after pests start creating large infestations on your property, we offer our assistance. This shows that large-area pest infestation treatment is very important when you start noticing small signs of pest infestations forming. 

Eco-Friendly Pest Treatment

In no time, you can avail of our eco-friendly pest control treatment and notice that the results it gives are optimal; as we also use cutting-edge technology. If you want only local pest control experts to help you out with this service, we dispatch them upon your request and meet your needs. 

Look For Us In Need Of Prompt Possum Inspection, Catching And Relocation

To not let possums roam your property freely, we dispatch our specialised possum removal team to your place. Quickly after an inspection of the area, we do proper possum catching and relocation planning and execute the same. In some cases, electronic repellents would show the best results and in other ways, results from one-way traps would stand out among many. So, according to the possum and the infestation type, we implement a possum-catching method. However, we never miss out on leaving caught possums 50 m away from your place. The last step is to install possum boxes as an ongoing prevention measure. 

Reasons That Claim Us As The Best Provider For Pest Control Services

Yes, we are proud to announce that as a company with an unbeatable pest control Strathpine team is the best provider you wish to ask for help. See how we are let sit at the top of the industry. 

  • Multiple Services: We do not just offer control services for ants or bees alone but others like moths and cockroaches too. And all of these multiple services will be done with the use of eco-friendly pest control products. 
  • More Payment Options: To make out client payments easier, we are open to different payment mode options. Other than cash payments, we accept online payments and card payments too. 
  • Regional Professionals: With different regional and local pest control professionals across Strathpine, we never disappoint our clients. Because we take 24 hours booking due to the flexible working hours even on week offs and holidays. 
  • Timely Manner Assistance: To provide timely manner pest control treatment, we take your details without even missing a landmark. And we offer well-timed help even in case of emergency pest control service on a busy day.
  • Upfront Quotes: You can avail of our upfront quotes via calls or by filling out the form available on the official site of our company. In fact, in addition to availing quotes from us, you can even look out for us when you need pest control advice. 

Health Assurance With Kid & Pet-Friendly Pest Control Products

Whether you contact us for safe pest control treatment to keep your properties’ health safe or your family’s health safe, it is the right decision. Because our solutions are not just effective but eco-friendly pest control products available Strathpine-wide. You have to remember that these products we use for residential pest control are safe for the environment around you too. So, you can lay back and leave your pest control services in our experts’ hands. We assure you of safe health even for elderly people and pregnant women. Thus, count on our health-assured services! 

We Also Serve Other Regions of Strathpine Like Mentioned Here 

With many amenities of Brisbane city and easy access to the bay region, Strathpine not just enjoys the bests but all the worst. One of the worst situations Strathpine experiences is the entry of pests and their infestation in both residential and commercial premises. So, if you invest in our pest control Strathpine services from anywhere in Strathpine, you get easy access to our services. Some of the suburbs we serve are Brendale, Warner, Cashmere, Lawnton, Joyner and Bray Park. We also take bookings from other suburbs that request our local pest control services. 

About Strathpine, QLD

Strathpine is a northern suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is located approximately 22 kilometers from the Brisbane CBD. The suburb has a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas.


What kind of treatments do experts use for cockroaches? 

Effective pest control treatments are spraying pesticides, dusting properties, baits, gels, heat treatment and fumigation. 

Do you use deterrents for bird control service? 

Yes, we use deterrents such as spikes, netting, optical scare and electric deterrents per bird type and severity level of infestation.

What diseases do rodents cause if I do not go for rodent control services?

In absence of rodent pest control services, you become a victim of hantavirus, leptospirosis, plague, rat bite fever and such. 

How much are your pest control prices? 

Without a thorough inspection of the infested area, we cannot inform the correct pest control prices to our clients. However, as we have all the right solutions and equipment with us, we charge you affordably with no hidden charges. 

Do you charge pest inspection costs separately? Yes, we do charge pest inspection costs separately when we inspect the area thoroughly but still do not find any pests on the property.