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5 Top Most Things Related To End Of Lease Pest Treatment

An end of lease pest treatment is a vital consideration for both the landlords and tenants. Whenever you are living in a rental place, there is a probability it has pests. Moreover, a few lease agreements pose the responsibility of doing pest control company service to either tenant or the landlord. End of lease pest treatment will ensure complete removal of pests and makes the property ready for the next rental. In this blog, you will get to know 5 important things about the end of lease pest control treatments. Let’s begin:

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5 Important Things About The End Of Lease Pest Control Treatments are:

1.Why End of The Lease Pest Treatment Is Important For Tenants? 

If you are renting a place where you are living and the end of the lease is nearing, you may have to conduct a pest treatment. It may be an important term of the rental agreement. 

It’s crucial to check your lease agreement to check if pest treatment is a landlord or tenant responsibility. In case, the tenant is responsible and you are not getting it done, then you may bear the risk of some or all of your rental bond, as per the pest issues you are leaving behind. Moreover, you may have to face costly rental arguments with the landlord. Also, getting rid of pests is not enough, you are supposed to clear all the pest mess such as eggs, pest wings, infected items, etc. 

2. What Is The Importance Of End of Lease Pest Treatment For Landlords? 

If you are a landlord, you will get the benefit of end of lease pest control as follows: 

It makes your premise safe to give on rent to the next tenant. Moreover, it is a safety and health need for landlords to offer a reasonably clean place that is perfect for rental at the beginning of the tenancy. It includes making sure the place is free from vermin and pests as they carry diseases. 

It makes your place more marketable. In case, the future tenant comes for a visit to your property and finds a vermin crawling, then the probability he/she is not going to take your property on rent is more. 

Pest treatments save your premises from the serious property damage that may be created by termites.

3. When Must You Get An End Of The Lease Pest Treatment Done? 

The right time to get it is after your property has had its end of the tenancy clean. If you are a tenant responsible for the end of lease pest management, then it should be the very last thing to go before you are moving out. 

After you have left the property, your landlord will receive a pest control report. Any pest problems are listed in this report. 

On the other hand, if you are a landlord and are responsible for pest control, you can arrange the control service after the last cleaning and after the renters have left the property.

4. What are the Common Pests That Can Be Controlled By Effective Pest Control? 

Different types of insects and pests need targeted controls– Few landlords will ask you for pet spraying if you have had cats or dogs. In case you have a particular pest issue, you must call for a specific treatment. Even if you do not see any pest, still it is beneficial to opt for a common pest control service to save your property against the harms of household pests.

5. How To Prepare For The End Of Lease Pest Control Service? 

Basically, your place must be vacant or have a little furniture or boxes on the site. Also, you will be required to offer access to pest controllers to the home on the treatment day. Make sure the property is empty as much as possible and allows easy access to the pest inspectors and removalists to perform pest control comfortably.

What Should You Look For In The End Of Lease Pest Control Providing Company?

The end of lease pest control responsibility comes up in a hurry and you look for the closest service provider. But, make sure you look for the following conditions whenever hiring a pest control service. 

The company is licensed, accredited and has experienced pest controllers 

Pest controllers are using eco-friendly and safe treatments

The company provides you with written documentation and a certificate of pest control to you that you can show to your landlord.

How Can Our Pest Controllers Assist You?

Arranging an end of lease pest treatment plan is one of our key specialities. 711 Pest Control Brisbane has been helping tenants and landlords with the best end of tenancy pest treatments for many years now. We take time to listen to your requirements or issues before suggesting the best-fitting and pocket-friendly pest control solution. All of our pest inspections & treatments are carried out by licensed and accredited technicians. 

We make sure to use safe and natural pest control methods. In addition to this, we offer a full-fledged report to you. Irrespective of whether you are a landlord or a tenant, our reports will help you in legal work. Call us now for a free consultation over the phone, a free quotation for your end of the tenancy pest treatment.