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What Are Possums Scared Of? – Find Out!

Possums are a threat to mankind as well as to your pets. They’re widely famous for spreading diseases and also for causing damage to your properties. But do you know what are possums scared of? – find out! In case you are looking for ways to get rid of the possums, it is ideal to select the options that can scare them. They are often seen in regions where there is less human frequency. So dealing with them can be a bit tricky. And also it’s illegal for you to kill or bait them on your own. Therefore, it is recommended to rely on professionals. But there are certain ways, using which you can keep their count at bay. What are possums scared of? – find out. Using such methods, you can scare the possums and can control their spread effectively. 

What Are Possums Scared Of?

How To Deal With Possums? 

Out of various methods, there are certain ones using which we can shoo away the possums. But what are possums scared of? – find out! You need to use the tools or methods that the possums are scared of. Only then will you be able to get the results you desire. To help you in deterring them, the following ways are ideal. Do check them out: 

  • Installation Of Lights And Motion-Activating Devices 

The first thing to do is purchase a motion-detecting device that is sensitive to motions or movements and gets activated. This device lights up once it comes in contact or detects movement.  With this, you will be able to detect the presence of possums and can effectively get rid of possums. These devices also help in confirming the presence of pest possums, since sometimes even we aren’t sure about their existence. In such scenarios, it is highly useful. 

Upon exposure to these lightings, possums get startled and become motionless. That’s when you can deter them easily. They don’t get very scared of this but will be fearful to some extent. Therefore, you can succeed in scaring the possums which will help in making their way out of your property. 

  • Using Possum Repellents 

Using possum repellents can be illegal, but in case you want to deal with them for emergency purposes, you can rely on possum repellents that are available in the market. With the help of these, you can block the entry points of your property and can prevent them from entering it. If at all you notice their activity, you should possibly opt for this method, as it can effectively deter the possums from ruining your property. 

Note: Before using these, you need to carefully read the labels, in order to prevent any kind of allergies. Because few people are sensitive to certain ingredients, that might be harmful. Hence it is mandatory to check the ingredients of the possum repellents that you use. 

  • Use Their Predators Traces To Scare Them 

In order to scare the possums, it is ideal to use the traces of their predators like cat’s or dog’s fur, or any other potential predators’ hair can be used. This will aid in restricting the possum’s entry into your house and might scare it. 

  • White Vinegar 

Yes! You heard it right. White vinegar is highly effective in repelling possums. Thus it works very well as possums are not very fond of its fragrance. Since possums are nocturnal, try spraying them around different spots on your property. This helps in keeping the possums at bay. 

  • Barriers In Order To Repel Possums 
  • Wire Fencing: This is one of the best ways to repel possums from your property, be it your lawn or your backyard. Using wire fencing is proven to be effective. As it is situated at least 4 feet high, possums enter or climb over the wire. Hence they can’t enter. 
  • Bird Netting: If you are worried about any specific tree or vegetable plants in your garden, netting is the best option. This is also one of the best deterrents for various types of pests including birds. 
  • Use Strong Ammonia Scents 

Possums are highly repellant to ammonia, therefore you can scatter this around various spots where you think possums might enter. You need to be extremely conscious and cautious while using it. Because ammonia can be very harmful to you, your family, and also your pet buddies. In the process of treating the possums, you might end up hurting your loved ones. Therefore, take precautions while taking this step. 

Measures That You Need To Take To Deter Possums 

Out of many, it is difficult to find out what are possums scared of? – find out. Even after practising and trying out all the above methods, if you fail to scare the possums, then you need to take the following measures. This includes: 

  • Making your house less hospitable for the possums to invade or survive. 
  • Limiting the access of possums into your property by trimming the bushes, grass or any other trees in your backyard or lawn. 
  • Arranging fences around the property so that their entry is highly restricted,  especially around the place where they find their food i.e. Trash can or garbage bins. 
  • Discard your trash very often, if possible daily. 
  • Keep your surroundings clean and tidy without any junk piled up. 


As mentioned above, possums are protected by law and it is illegal to deal with them on your own. But preventing them from entering your property is legal. For this, you need to be extremely careful about the methods you choose. You need to use devices or methods that will scare the possums and will lead to keeping their count at bay. But what are possums scared of? – find out! We hope this blog is helpful to you in finding the best and most promising way to determine how to tackle possums effectively. If you can’t do it on your own, you can even rely on Possum Removal Brisbane experts. Since possums are aggressive, it is important to deal with them with extra care.